London 2012 Results App

London 2012 Results App 2.0

Schedule, results, news and scores from the Paralympics


  • Lots of information
  • Personizable content
  • Includes schedule, medal table and news
  • Lets you set event reminders


  • Some options are hidden
  • No live audio/video

Very good

The official London 2012 Results App keeps you informed of everything that's going on at this year's Paralympic games.

You can use the London 2012 Results App to follow events live (text but no audio/video), view the schedule of upcoming events and check results, check out the medals table, read athlete profiles and get customized news and information based on your country.

The Sports section of the London 2012 Results App is great because it allows you to see all there is to know about each individual discipline in the 2012 Paralympics. You can view the schedule/results for all the events of a sport, read news, check out photos and access more information about each one. There are video guides to every sport, which is great for people who are new to a particular sport or who aren't sure of the rules.

The interface of the London 2012 Results App is attractive, with neat icons and a styling based around the official color scheme of this year's games. However, some of the options and features seem a bit buried, such as the ability to set up reminder alerts for each event, for example.

Overall, the London 2012 Results App makes for an excellent mobile companion to the Paralympics.

London 2012 Results App


London 2012 Results App 2.0

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